Love shoot for Elinor & Jack

One last post from my recent trip to Australia! During my stay on the Gold Coast, my buddy Antony set up a shoot with Elinor and Jack. “They’re a goodlooking couple”, he said. Quite an understatement if you ask me! Plus, the love they have for each other is almost tangible, and it was such a beautiful and fun experiencing capturing it. I brought along my Contax G2 & Pentax 645N, so this shoot is another hybrid one, mixing the best of the digital & film shots. Hope you like the result! elinorjack_2-001_8350_destination_wedding_photographerelinorjack-004_8363_destination_wedding_photographerelinorjack_2-003_8373_destination_wedding_photographerelinorjack_2-005_8429_destination_wedding_photographerelinorjack_2-011_116_destination_wedding_photographerelinorjack-042_121_destination_wedding_photographerelinorjack_2-015_131_destination_wedding_photographerelinorjack-014_8444_destination_wedding_photographerelinorjack-022_8490_destination_wedding_photographerelinorjack_2-010_8657_destination_wedding_photographerelinorjack_2-008_8625_destination_wedding_photographer

Tech note: shot on digital & Contax G2 + Kodak Portra 800 film. Scanned by Carmencita Film Lab.