Sheffield wedding photographer | Caitlin & Neil

It must be about 9 years ago that out of the blue, Caitlin started talking to me online. We’ve been friends ever since, and met up several times as she moved from Canada to Paris to London to Birmingham, where she met Neil. Together, Caitlin & Neil form a wonderful, amazing and sometimes silly team, and anyone who knows them knows what a perfect match they are. Their  wedding day was a reflection of that, and I am so happy to I got to be their wedding photographer as they exchanged their “I do’s” in Sheffield last month!

The day started at the Leopold hotel where Caitlin got ready, accompanied by her bridesmaids who had flown in from the US and France. After a laid back morning we made our way over to the Sheffield city hall where the atmosphere was a bit more hectic, not helped by the thousands of people who were attending the Sheffield Tram Lines music festival going on right next door. Following the ceremony, we made our way to The Workstation, where the wedding reception took place, but not before stopping by a few landmark buildings we incorporated into the wedding shoot. Since I tend to associate the UK with double-decker buses, I also really wanted to get a shot of Caitlin & Neil, shot through a driving bus… I’ll admit it took a while to get the perfect shot, and I’m very grateful for Caitlin & Neil’s patience, but I am hopeful the resulting photos were worth the effort. :)

After the cocktail hour, dinner & speeches, the party got started, only to be interrupted by a smoke alarm, twice! It resulted in a small break from the dancing as the firemen made sure everything was OK. Once everyone got to head back in, the party continued with extra zeal, as you can hopefully tell from the photos.

It was quite an awesome day and I delighted I got to be part of it. And now, check out the photos! Enjoy!


Wedding venue: The Workstation, Sheffield, UK