Wedding photographer in Nuremberg at Schloss Wiesenthau for Lies & Dokus

OK, it’s not easy not to talk about this wedding in superlatives, because what can you say when two dear friends of yours get married, looking absolutely radiant, at a stunning location on a beautiful day? Maybe if their ceremony wasn’t totally perfect, filled with humor, wit, poetry, music, and heartfelt vows, that would be something I’d keep quiet about, but nope… Maybe if the speeches were boring, or the party was only so-so, I wouldn’t have to express myself in a way that makes it sound like I must be sucking up to Lies & Dokus… but again, no luck. :) I truly had an amazing time capturing the story of this wedding day as it was unfolding, getting to witness so much love, friendship and kindness, that it makes your heart smile, and it simply makes you feel happy and honored to be part of it all. Being a wedding photographer really is the best job ever, and hopefully the story of Lies & Dokus’ wedding day, set in sunny Bavaria, will illustrate what I mean… Enjoy! :)



Locatie: Schloss Wiesenthau
Kostuum: Devos Kleding
Trouwkleed: JPC Collection
Juwelen: Amano Jewels Nürnberg
Make-up: Tamara Gast
DJ: Pieter-Jan Otten
Bruidsboeket: Unverblueht