Zaragoza + Corera, the Rural Workshop

Having seen Monika Friasvideo about last year’s edition of CoreraImage, a.k.a. The Rural Workshop, I knew I just had to be part of this year’s edition. So, at the end of February I flew to Zaragoza and traveled onwards to the tiny village of Corera in La Rioja in Northern Spain.

CoreraImage is not just a workshop, and it’s more than just a gathering. It’s the best of both combined! About 50 photographers came together for four days to listen & learn to amazing speakers from all over the world, but also to share, socialize and make new friends. Much more than any other workshop, what makes Corera special are its attendees… Right away I was amazed by the amazing ambiance and welcoming, open-minded atmosphere.

Four days, lots of new friends, inspiration and -despite the lack of sleep- a huge energy boost later, I felt super inspired to kick off the new wedding season and am already looking forward to next year’s edition.

To Roberto and all the Coreranos: a super big muchas gracias for the wonderful time, inspiration and love! Hope to see you all again soon! Viva Corera! Abrazo colectivo!


The following is an eclectic mix of photos I took during my trip on a variety of mediums: iPhone, digital & medium format film. Muy organico! :)