Bohemian barn style wedding | Huwelijksfotograaf Oost-Vlaanderen

You’d think that after a few hundred weddings and many dozens of blog posts, I’d get better at describing exactly what it is that makes a wedding stand out to me. Alas, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about it, a feeling of being welcomed into a family before you’ve even taken the first photo of the day. Well, that feeling was most definitely present, and only increased during the day, as I followed Helen & Joachim on their wedding day. From the gathering of the bridal party in the morning, over the city hall wedding ceremony to the fun and relaxed wedding reception in the afternoon and epic party at night… it all flowed so beautifully and there was no shortage of loving, smiling people to photograph at any point of the day, which made my job as a wedding photographer all the more rewarding. It was a joy capturing this beautiful story and I hope you’ll enjoy watching these photos as much as I did taking them… enjoy! :)




Film: Karen De Meyer

Wedding Venue: Donald, Gilles en Bram Desloover

Catering: B-Taste

Varkentje aan ’t Spit: Martien De Coninck – ‘Tinnie’

Accordeon: Rein De Vos

Ceremoniemeester: Willem De Bock

Inkleding: Sfeerlab & Karen van Laere

DJ Koen

Trouwringen: Elise Geers, E-Juweelier

Make up: Britt Desloover

Jurk Helen: Maxim’s Couture

Kostuum bruidegom: Labaere