Wedding photographer in Belgium | Domaine de Graux à Tournai | Laura & Nicolas

Ten years, to the day. A mighty long time to be together, although Laura & Nicolas’ story dates back even much further. As their parents are longtime friends, we even got to see photos of them playing together when they were just a few years old. It seems that all those years together have only made their bond stronger, and if you saw them together, one could be mistake them for a couple who just started dating, as their passion and love for each other burns as strong as it did 10 years ago. As you can imagine, this made me all the more excited to capture the story of their wedding day. As if all of that wasn’t enough, my friend and colleague Klaus Schwaiger came over all the way from Cologne to be my second photographer for this wedding, which made the day even more fun for me.
While Klaus was capturing Nicolas getting ready for the big day, I headed over to Laura and was welcomed warmheartedly and in true Italian fashion. After Nicolas came to pick up his stunning bride (half an hour late, also in Italian fashion :) ), we headed to the La Louvière city hall for the official wedding ceremony. When the official I do’s were exchanged, everyone gathered at the Domaine de Graux near Tournai for the rest of the festivities, starting off with a beautiful outdoor ceremony. While the guests enjoyed some bubbles & hors d’oevres, we explored the grounds and found some fun locations for the shoot. As the evening progressed, everyone was treated to a delicious meal, providing the energy needed to launch a kick-ass dance party. Lots of crazy dancing photos later, all guests gathered outside once again and joined Laura & Nicolas in launching wishing lanterns into the dark nights. If I had one wish to send along, it would be for more weddings like this one. :)




Decorations: Fleuriste Florilège
Wedding bouquet: Fleuriste Chevalier-Hermise
Wedding dress: Dis moi oui 
Suits: Carlo et Fils
DJ: TNT Sonorisation
Wedding cinematography: Anton Dazy